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Application Controller

          The Orion monitors applications through features GPS navigation, light bar controller variable rate fertilizer, cutting sections of spraying and hydraulic autopilot.

          Its main objective is to bring intelligence to production without increasing complexity. Following the guidelines of the trip computer, the operator can reduce failures to guide the machine for the area being worked on. Simply avoid overlapping or application faults longer ensure better utilization of inputs. With the use of GPS in the orientation of the machine operator can reduce by 20% the amount of inputs applied.


- Guarantee the perfect stroke, safely and accurately;

- Tested and approved for tractors and self-propelled sprayers;

- Monitoring the quality of application (speed, output, etc);

- Eliminates overlap and less crushing;

- Resistant to high temperatures, water, dust, chemicals and electrical overload;

- For use at any stage of production, from distribution, planting, subsoiling, spray or harvest;

- Light Bar 67 LEDs;

- Storing data in Pen Drive;

- Easy installation, display and operation.

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